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Ghazipur landfill ban: Activists welcome the move

NEW DELHI: The Delhi environmentalists have welcomed the step of closing down the Ghazipur landfill which was announced on Saturday. While a section urged to finish the landfill system in the Capital, others consider that government should keep in mind that a number of people are associated with landfills.
No fresh garbage will be dumped in Ghazipur and Bhalaswa landfill sites, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Saturday.
"Putting garbage in a landfill is the most ancient idea and it should be stopped in the Capital. The dump wastes are eventually choking the water bodies, increasing water toxicity and polluting the air," said Anumita Roy Chowdhury, an environmentalist.
The experts asserted that the most dangerous effect of landfills would be on the ground water as it will make the water toxic. On the other hand, the excess garbage would also choke the sewerage systems which would increase the probability of floods.
Talking to the Millennium Post Chowdhury said, "The target of the state should absolutely all the landfills and make recycling plants."
Giving an international perspective, she added that most of the Western countries had abolished the landfill system and the German model of recycling garbage should be a good example to follow.
The experts also emphasised on the increasing vector borne diseases which are an effect of excess garbage deposition. The gases which come out of the landfill are also toxic for the neighbourhood, environmentalists said.
Magsaysay awardee activist Bezwada Wilson opined that it was high time for the government to stop landfills and start recycling process.
"The step was much needed but a road map for the future should be made because a large number of people are associated with these landfills and lack of plan may harm their livelihood," saidWilson.
According to an estimate, there are about 1,50,000 ragpickers in Delhi. He also urged that along with banning the landfills, the government should also make the clear plan on rehabilitation of these people.
Experts explained that over 9,500 tonnes per day (TPD) of garbage is generated in the city. About 8,000 TPD of waste is collected and transported to three landfill sites at Bhalswa, Okhla and Ghazipur. Worst, the three landfill sites are not designed as per specifications mentioned in the Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016. According to the Master Plan for Delhi, 2021, these landfill sites had exceeded their capacity way back in 2008.

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