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Ggn still happy hunting ground for car thieves

Not fearing the presence of special team formed by Gurugram Police, the vehicle theft in Millennium City showcases an upward trend.

In this year, 400 cases of vehicle theft have been registered in the city till March 2017. The last year's statistics show a number of 3800 recorded cases while in 2015, there were more than 3000 registered cases of car thefts.

Breaking the earlier trend of targeting outskirts, the burglars are now aiming the residents of posh and densely populated areas. Also, the cases registered against such is seen more theft of four-wheelers.

Recently, the Gurugram Police nabbed a gang of car thieves who used to steal four wheeler and light commercial vehicles from Golf Course extension road. Also, cases have been reported from Sector 29, an area famous for its fine dining restaurants.

"While gangs of thieves from Mewat indulge in high scale robberies, there are also various local groups that are now indulging in criminal acts," said police sources.
According to a senior Gurugram official, most of the burglars arrested are from Mewat. "But there have also been gangs from Rajasthan and Delhi who indulge in vehicle thefts. Unlike earlier where vehicle thefts used to be carried out by two or three skilled robbers now there are a group of five to ten robbers who commit the crime.

As there are large numbers of robbers from outside areas now who indulge in the crime, it has become a challenge for the Police to catch hold of them," added the top cop.

Speaking of the modus operandi adopted by the robbers, the official said, "There is a lot of planning that has been done by robbers in the implementation. Based on the planning and information which they gather most of the robbers choose a place, time and even victims to carry out their acts. The burglars based on the situation are also increasingly stealing vehicles at the gun point. The stolen vehicles are then taken to their areas where robbers make the profit as low as Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10,000 in selling the vehicles."

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