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Ggn sex ratio rises, 965 females per 1,000 males

Gurugram: In a major impetus to Haryana government's initiative, Gurugram that for long had a dubious distinction of having the worse sex ratio figures is now showing a marked improvement. The latest figure released by the district health department in the month of September, the data was recorded at 965 females to 1,000 males.
According to the officials of the district health department, there were total of 2,182 children that were born in which 1,110 were boys and 1,072 were girls.
This has been highest figure that has been recorded this year. With this the data from the district has again improved to 900 females to 1,000 males. After showing a steady improvement during the course of the year, the figures again showed a dip in the month of July with 886 females to 1,000 males.
Even though Gurugram is the most wealthiest district in the state, for long it has been a laggard in having dismal sex ratio figures. Even the backward regions of Nuh in most of the surveys outclassed its wealthiest neighbour.
Despite strong measures taken by the government, there are many parents who frequent the abortion clinics. Not only private clinics but shockingly, the law enforcement few weeks ago arrested a government woman doctor who was willing to abort a girl child for the fee of Rs 10,000.
Not only in Gurugram but most of the parents are frequenting clinics in parts of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan for carrying out abortion of the female child. There have also been certain occasions where the parents have even dumped their girl child on the city streets.
"Gurugram is a classic example to highlight that more than education and wealth it is a mindset that matters. There are certain incidents that are being reported from the city where the girl child is being aborted in the clinics. Another reason for low sex ratio is large scale of migrations that are taking place from in the city," said a senior official from Women and Child Ministry.
With an objective to reduce the female infanticide, the government has roped in the services of thousands of aanganwadi workers to register the pregnant women in the district.
Steps are also being enhanced for the registration of pregnant women in the district through digital means.
There have also been monetary rewards that have been provided for reporting the crimes of abortion to the law enforcement officials.

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