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Ggn RTA collects more than Rs 1 cr as fine in Feb

Massive crackdown on vehicles not complying with the rules and regulations has resulted in the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) of Gurugram collecting more than Rs 1 crore of fine in the month of February.

The RTA in the month of February penalised 552 vehicles in Gurugram and collected over Rs 1 crore 14 lakh. Stringent measures were adopted by the RTA officials on overloaded trucks and buses plying in the city without proper permits.

The officials of RTA Gurugram highlighted that there were over 400 overloaded buses that were being penalised by the state government agency.

Overloaded trucks have often been considered as the main reason for not only rising accidents but also a cause for high levels of pollution in the city.

The RTA officials also impounded a large number of buses that were making high profits by operating as state roadways buses.

There were over 35 buses that were impounded by the RTA that were operating as Haryana Roadways and thereby, fleecing the customers.

Around 50 buses that not plying under legal permits were also penalised by the officials. With pollution becoming one of the major challenges in the city, the RTA along with the Traffic Police, cracked down on highly polluting vehicles.

"The RTA has collected unprecedented amount of fines in the month of February. The total amount collected by RTA in the month of February is Rs one crore, fourteen lakhs. This time, we were strict in penalising overloaded trucks and commercial vehicles that were not plying under legal permits. Earlier, there was a staff shortage which prevented us from taking actions. However, this time we were duly supported by the state

government in getting required facilities which enabled us to take action against large number of vehicles that were not following rules and regulations," said Trilok Chand, RTA Secretary.
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