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Ggn residents come to the aid of Singh's pet dogs

Gurugram: Amid shock and horror, one of the most poignant moments for residents of Uppal South End and investigators were the four pet dogs who lay beside the bodies of their owners.

They were eventually taken by animal welfare NGO. The NGO has stated that the dogs are suffering from many health issues which require immediate attention. In a Facebook post on Saturday, members of the animal welfare NGO explained the condition of the dogs and requested people to contribute aid.

The dogs — Mouli, Blue, Pippa, and Lola — were handed over to PFA by police on July 2 are currently at a shelter home in the city.

"As per the veterinary, Mouli (who had weak joints since the time of her adoption in January) came in with aggravated joint issues, tick infestation, gingivitis, cystitis and a cardiac problem, for which an ECG stands due. Lola came in with suspected anal gland discharge and tick infestation."

"Blue is suffering from tick infestation, eye discharge and almost went breathless and turned blue due to suspected cardiac issue... Pippa has dermatitis lesions all over the body and thick eye discharge," a Facebook post by a PFA member said.

The three Pugs — Mouli, the eldest, Blue and Pippa, the youngest, and one Lhasa Apso named Lola, were shifted to a neighbour's house after the incident came to light.

"When I took the pets for a walk in the evening, they started to run towards their house and sat outside the main door," said Kamlesh Kumari, the domestic help of the neighbour who took the pets in on Monday.

Aman Yadav, the assistant commissioner of police (Sadar), said the dogs were not eating anything and needed help from expert caretakers to recover from the shock.

"We got a call from the office of MP Maneka Gandhi about shifting them. We plan to keep these dogs together as they might be able to cope better with the situation," he


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