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Ggn Police to attach properties of 782 absconding criminals

Ggn Police to attach properties of  782 absconding criminals

Gurugram: There are 782 criminals that were found to be absconding in Gurugram. What has been even more brazen is that most of them escaped from the clutches of law after getting bail. Now to get hold of the criminals the Gurugram police has devised the mechanism to attach the properties in Gurugram. The process is all set to kick off on the first day of 2019 itself.

Criminals from as many as six dreaded gangs are presently operating in the city. These gangs include Manjeet Mahal gang, Kaushal gang, Kishan gang, Hayatpuri gang, Sandeep Gadoli gang and Binder Gujjar gang. Even though most of the members of these gang are lodged in jail what is shocking is that how there have been many instances in which they have been able to carry out their criminal activities even from the jail.

Most of the members from these gangs have been charged under serious offences like extortion, burglary and murders. However, it is not the revival of big gangs but the rapid expansion of small criminal gangs spread across different parts of the city that is proving to be a major challenge for the Gurugram Crime Branch. Specialised in stealing of vehicles, chain snatchings, kidnappings to even committing murders, the rate of these gangs is steadily increasing in the city.

There are over 200 such gangs that are believed to be active in the city. Most of the gangs consist of around 6 to 10 members. The number of the members in the gangs increase as the group expands. A whopping amount of `12 crores was recovered from the busting of 53 gangs by Gurugram police in 2018. Some of these gang members in the process also resulted in the exchange of gunshots between the officials and the culprits.

Out of 200 such gangs, most members come from the region of Mewat and villages of Rajasthan bordering South Haryana. "Off late several measures have been taken to get hold of the criminals who have fled from the city. The process of attaching their properties will prove to be fruitful to make the criminal surrender in the court of law," said a senior official from Gurugram police.

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