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Ggn murder probe reveals more chilling details

Gurugram: As the investigation of four deaths in the Gurugram flat unfolds chilling detail, are now coming to fore with the entire sequence of events. A murder that was committed by a small axe and a sharp domestic knife, the medical experts mentioned that the killings were painful and gruesome.

The modus operandi adopted in the murder was to first make them unconscious by hitting them hard on the head with the axe and then stabbing them multiple times with the knife.

Fifty-year-old Sonu Singh seemed to have borne the maximum pain on Sunday night when the spate of murders took place.

According to forensic, there have been 19 injury wounds on the body of Sonu Singh.

There are two deep wounds of being hit by an axe on the head and repeated injuries caused by stabbing that was found on the neck and stomach. The Singh family had raised four pug dogs as pets.

According to sources, two pets were found to be beside the body of the fifty-year-old. It was not only Sonu who met a painful end but also her children. Her 13-year-old son Aditya had received 13 wounds while her daughter, Aditi (22) had received 9 wounds.

According to the experts, the entire sequence of horrific events occurred between 11:00 to 11:30 pm on Sunday.

According to sources, the first in line to be killed was Aditi. Her body was found on the bed. After that, the doctor allegedly targeted his wife by first hitting her hard on the head and then stabbing her multiple times.

It is believed that in order to save himself Aditya tried to run towards the washroom but was killed before he could enter, he was the last one to be killed. There is still a mystery of whether this entire act was done in the fit of rage or was it a pre-planned attack.

According to sources in Gurugram police, the rope by which fifty-five-year old was done in a patient manner. Also, the sharp objects by which the murder was committed was purchased by the doctor well in advance.

As per medical experts, there was no intake of alcohol by doctor Singh.

Doctor had turned recluse in last 6 months

Gurugram: Mystery still remains among residents and investigators that if this was murder cum suicide what drove Dr Prakash Singh to take such an extreme step. A man who had a fixed routine for his morning walks his neighbour's highlight how doctor saheb as he was fondly called was a warm-hearted person and an extrovert personality.

His keenness in education also led him to support his wife venture of running the play schools that had four branches in Gurugram and were keen on expanding such initiatives to other areas. Despite his cheerful attitude according to neighbours and close relatives, the situation changes in the last six months

Dr Singh had become quit aloof and there were also murmurs of verbal spats being heard with his wife. According to sources the deteriorating health condition of Singh's mother also had made him worried. Having done his PhD, the 55-year-old was employed with a chemical firm in Hyderabad after working for a pharmaceutical firm in Gurugram.

According to the police, he had not been attending his office for the last month and the company was being questioned about reasons for the same. After obtaining a degree in MsC from Banaras Hindu University in 1991, he did his PhD from the same college in 1995. It was here that he found his wife Sonu Singh and they married thereafter.

On Monday morning neighbours at Uppal South End were aghast when they four bodies that included Dr Singh in flat S-299. Further investigations by Gurugram police led it to find a note from the shirt of Dr Prakash Singh where he mentioned that he was not able to take care of the entire family and thereby taking such an extreme step. "I completely failed in taking my family along with me. I am completely responsible for this, no one else," read the suicide note.

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