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Ggn Holi attack by mob: Fear still remains among victims

As of now, two people have been arrested by the district police

Ggn Holi attack by mob: Fear still remains among victims

Gurugram: Fear among the victims, who were beaten mercilessly on the day of Holi in Bhoop Singh area, remains even after the Gurugram police claimed that the situation in the area is normal.

As of now, two persons have been arrested by the district police. On Sunday night, another person named Dhirendra was arrested from the same area of Naya Gaon where earlier Mahesh was arrested.

Despite the arrests, the victims highlighted that they fear that the perpetrators in the act may come again and affect them adversely. For Mohammad Sajid, the pain inflicted by the assailants went beyond being physical. A father whose son Shadab is being presently treated in Safdarjung trauma hospital, Sajid has expressed the desire to go back to his hometown Baghpat. He left his hometown nearly 15 years ago for a better livelihood in Gurugram and was working in gas repairing centre in the area.

Being hurt emotionally due to the entire incident, Sajid, in distress highlighted that how he could not save his children being targeted from the physical violence.

According to the eyewitnesses, the violence, where not only the adults but also the children were not spared, continued for an hour. Yet, the victims highlighted that there was no one who came forward to help and calm the entire situation.

The case may not have come to fore had it not been the courage of 21-year-old Danista who showed the guts and videographed the entire incident.

To make sure, that the perpetrators did not get hold of her phone and break she hid it in the bricks and later retrieved it. It was ultimately her courage and initiative that the video began circulating in the social media and eventually led to the district administration taking swift action.

"I was extremely scared of filming the entire act but I had to do it so that we can have a piece of evidence. It seemed to me that the perpetrators got the inkling that I was filming the act and they tried to come towards me. Luckily, I escaped," said Danista.

More than twelve people including five-year-old girl who is the niece of Mohammad Dilshad also sustained injuries. It is important to note that Dilshad and their family was living in the Bhoop Singh area along with his two brother and their families.

"What has happened is unfortunate and we are making sure that this type of incident will not happen again in the future. Arrests have already been made in the case under stringent sections," said Manoj Yadav DGP Haryana police.

The opposition has held a no holds barred action on the state and the centre. On the backfoot due to the entire incident the Haryana BJP has also communicated that the opposition is deliberately trying to communalise the issue.

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