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Ggn commuters feel the Metro fare hike pinch

Gurugram: The increase in Metro fares may just revive the business of illegal cabs, especially along the Mehrauli-Gurugram route.
Even as there is a strict law against the illegal vehicles movement in the city, lack of effective public transportation system has resulted in most of the commuters being dependent on these modes of transportation.
Further, many of these modes of public transportation provide much reasonable rate to commute as compared to other means of transportation.
A large number of these vehicles can be seen moving in areas along National Highway-8, Manesar, Gurugram- Faridabad road, Golf course road and MG road.
Their business, however, had suffered due to most of the people shifting to Metro. With the metro increasing its fares, most of the commuters may again shift to other modes of transportation.
Already reeling under the effects of fare increase in May, additional increment has adversely impacted the budget of over 1.2 lakh Gurugram commuters that travel by Delhi Metro daily.
The minimum fare that a Gurugram commuter will pay while coming to Delhi will be Rs 30 while the maximum can now amount to Rs 60 and beyond.
With no credible option, however, travellers highlight that DMRC now must utilise this increase to improve its services or else they will be again forced to consider alternate modes of transport irrespective of their services.
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