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Ggm: GDA starts process to draft water conservation plans for 2041

Gurugram: The Gurugram District Administration has started the process for formulating ideas for preparation of Gurugram water conservation plans for the year 2041. A series of meetings would be organised by top officials of Gurugram District Administration by the end of March.

These ideas would then be sent to Haryana government following which Gurugram water conservation plans for year 2041 will be officially drafted.

According to sources a lot of emphasis is being paid in usage of recycled and treated

water for industries, micro and drip irrigation for agriculture and water harvesting systems in residential and commercial complexes.

The official draft of Gurugram water conservation plan holds a lot of significance as Gurugram continues to face the major challenge of depleting groundwater reserves. Rapid urbanisation and too much reliance on ground water extraction has resulted in Gurugram being placed under dark zone by the Central government for falling groundwater reserves.

Despite the prevalence of COVID-19 in the last few months resulting in less construction and building activities there has been no improvement in the situation and groundwater has further dipped to 36.99 meters last year. According to Haryana government figures in 2020 the groundwater had gone down to the level of 36.21 meters. In 2019 it was 35.85 meters and 33.23 meters in 2018. To just get a sense of how much depletion of groundwater there has been in Gurugram is from the fact that in 2006 the ground water levels were at 19.85 meters.

Not only urban parts but even rural areas see a massive depletion of groundwater reserves.

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