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Generation of power through solar energy yet to kick off in Gurugram

Gururgam: Once touted to be the next big thing, solar energy has not been able to gain a foothold in Gurugram. For a city that has been riddled with power outages formation of electricity is seen to be a major and reasonable form of power production.

Yet, despite the schemes and awareness, the project of a generation of solar power has failed to kick off in the Millennium city. Pilot projects have been done in the past wherein solar energy that can power the streetlight be used, yet it has not been done on a big scale.

The high cost of installation of solar infrastructure and the long period in returns of investment has resulted in most of the citizens in Gurugram abdicating the project. According to the official sources, a solar power plant of 2 to 3 kilowatt will cost around Rs three lakhs. The High cost is, therefore, prompting to initiation of generating power through solar means either in the residential societies or in the commercial societies.

Sounding optimistic over solar power Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has already stated in the past that there will be 600 solar projects that are slated to be launched in Gurugram.

The head of the state also mentioned that while in 2022 the country has set the target to produce one lakh megawatt of solar power, the state has set a goal of producing 4000 megawatts.

With the Haryana government expected to give subsidies the public agencies in the city are expected to begin talks with official members of condominium societies, malls, and commercial offices.

There are plans to also work on coordination with the private builders to develop solar power facilities in new housing and commercial spaces.

In the past, the government agencies in Gurugram have provided various benefits to the buildings that adhere to global environmental standards.

The growth of solar power becomes all the more essential taking into consideration that the city has set a record of consumption of three crore units this summer. Unable to bear the load major part of the city faced outages for more than six to twelve hours on various occasions.

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