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Gang used words like 'bhains' as code for arms

NEW DELHI: 'Bhains', meaning buffalo in Hindi, was used as a code for arms and ammunitions, which inter-state gangs would used to avoid suspicion.
On Wednesday, police arrested one such gangster Mohammad Intezar from Dwarka, who was delivering illegal weapons to some splinter gangs.
A team, led by ACP Operations (Dwarka) Aditya Gautam and inspector Raj Kumar, made the arrest.
During interrogation, Intezar revealed that the gang headed by him has been involved in the trade of illegal weapons for the last six months. He owns a small unit in Meerut, where he compressor valves, used in cold storages, are manufactured.
He had earlier been to Saudi Arabia and worked there for three years.
"The accused roped in other associates, who were mechanics and started the illegal business," said a police official.
The gang used to sell small sized pistols for Rs 8,000, medium-sized arms for Rs 10,000 and large-sized arms for Rs 14,000.
In the retail market, these improvised pistols would often be sold for more than Rs 15,000 per piece and prices may even increase depending on the urgency of the customer.
The gang operated as a wholesaler and sold pistols only in bulk and not in retail.
Police said that the gang had more than 12 code words, which they used to change in every week, so as to avoid getting arrested.
Various criminals of Delhi-NCR were allegedly in touch with this gang for procuring illegal weapons. Further, to evade cops, the members would take due precautions while talking over phone.
DCP (Dwarka) Shibesh Singh said that the gang would use code words for weapons, such as 'Machine' and 'Bhains'.
For places where the weapons had to be delivered, they would use words like 'Kallu Mian' and 'Ghanta Ghar'.
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