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Gang used social apps to steal high-end cars, held

In this era of extensive use of technology, the literacy rates stand insubstantial. Four carjackers, who used modern technology to steal high-tech car models were arrested by the Delhi Police on Tuesday.

The cops have recovered thirteen cars from their possession.

This group of illiterate men keeping certain modern applications at their benefits, has been successfully looting showrooms of its cars. The gang of miscreants first used Whats App to share the location of targeted cars following which they deactivated the central locking system and bought electronic equipment like key programmers, Electronic control Module (ECM) from online sites like Amazon. Also, they received tutorials on carjacking from Youtube.

The accused used to steal the cars on demand and every member was expertise in stealing cars of different brands.

Like, accused Aamir was an expert in stealing Toyota Innova , Fortuner and Maruti cars.

The theft has been described in details by the accused. Though it might look complicated but these rogue carried out the criminal act with much ease.

During the theft of Toyota Innova & Fortuner and Maruti cars, the accused first used to park their car alongside the targeted car.

After this, they cut wire of the targeted car's horn from under the bonnet of the car and if during this process, the car's indicators starts to flash, they rushed to their own car and waited till the indicators went-off.

Then, they broke the rear quarter glass and entered the car after unlocking it and pulled the ignition point by using drill machine.

After this, they took out wires from plugs below the dash-board and connect these wires through cup-links into alternative ECM brought by them.
By then, the car was ready to be started and made the car operational by using a screwdriver in the ignition point. Also, the criminals used a Laptop to scan the program after connecting the wires into their own ECM, which they named, 'bypass'.

Further, another accused Saffruddin was expert in stealing of Hyundai cars and he took only two minutes to complete the act.

After stealing the car, they used to deliver the same to the demanding party and if they were out of orders, they hid the vehicles in the parking lots.

"One member of the gang used to select the targeted cars in the day time, click photographs of the target car using his mobile and passed it to their gang leader Sagir alias Sata using Whatsapp.

Further, Sagir used to send photos of the targeted cars to the expert thief of the respective brand," said Romil Baniya, DCP South- East.

But, their game came to an end as the only deterrence provided was GPS and gear lock which they failed to handle.

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