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Full statehood to Delhi is our key demand: Raghav Chadha

Full statehood to Delhi is our key demand: Raghav Chadha

Starting from the issues of unauthorised colonies to the voter list deletion, AAP's Lok Sabha candidate from South Delhi constituency Raghav Chadha talks exclusively with Sayantan Ghosh.

The AAP is fighting this election with the demand of full-statehood to Delhi but in your constituency what is the major issue and what is your solution for that?

The demand for full-statehood to Delhi is our key demand and it is the most important demand for the citizens. I am explaining the issue to the people of South Delhi constituency and if you can explain it properly then people will understand. I can see that people are understanding the demand. Apart from that for me the main work would be regularisation of the unauthorised colonies. In my constituency, there are many such areas and despite AAP government's work on sewage and drinking water, these people are suffering due to non-regularisation. The BJP promised it earlier but did not work on it but I want to work on this issue.

South Delhi has a major population of SC/ST, OBC and Muslim community. Do you think AAP will get the support of these voters?

When people say that only poor people vote for AAP or Muslims vote for us and others do not; I feel all these statements are based on wrong assumptions. In the Delhi assembly election, we won 67 out of 70 seats because people from across the spectrum voted for us. The people of Delhi witnessed the development work by the AAP government in the last four years. If the Congress and BJP would have kept their promises then people from all the spectrum would have supported them but it did not happen hence I think that people will vote for us.

You started campaign works from day one but now as the election date is not so far what is your future plan for campaigns?

I believe that door to door campaign and local Padyatras are the keys for any campaign. The people of South Delhi should know who will represent them from the AAP. When I am going door to door the benefit is I am getting the sense of the demands and the issues they have in their areas. This is also helping me in making my future plans. In the coming days, we will have major rallies, public meetings and road shows. CM Arvind Kejriwal will also attain these gatherings to address the people.

Despite every demand raised by the party do you think that in the end, people will vote for AAP because of CM Arvind Kejriwal or by considering the issues?

It is true that CM Arvind Kejriwal has huge popularity and also goodwill of people. When we go to ask vote we know that he is there and people also believe that. I am particularly very grateful to him because he gave this responsibility and thought in this young age I would be able to take this responsibility. The popularity of CM Kejriwal and the work of the AAP both will make us win this Lok Sabha election.

You were the main person who raised the issue of voter list deletion today BJP alleged that call centres are making false calls. How will you react?

I have already shown the proofs of voter list deletions. The BJP has deleted these names very specifically at the areas where AAP is strong. Right now the BJP has not yet started any groundwork and they are scared of our walk. That is why these allegations are being made by the party. We have all the proofs of Voter list deletion and we have also informed the election commission about the matter hence there is no point of making false phone calls.

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