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For first time, over 10L citizens to cast their vote in Gurugram

For first time, over 10L citizens to cast their vote in Gurugram

Gurugram: For the first time, Gurugram district will have 10,82,870 citizens who will be eligible to cast their vote in the upcoming general as well as in the assembly elections.

In the given set, there will be 5,12,506 women and 5,70,364 men voters. The figure has seen a rise from 9,36,471 voters who had voted in 2014 elections.

The rise in the number of voters can be gauged from the fact that in just one year there have been 27,689 voters who have been added.

Providing the data on the increase in the number of voters, the officials of district administration highlighted that in 2017, there are 10,33,801 voters while in 2018 and 2019 it had increased to 10,64,351 and 10,82,870 simultaneously. The list covers four areas in Gurugram district namely Pataudi, Badhshapur, Gurugram and Sohna. Pataudi has a total of 2,06,569 voters, Badhahpur has 3,46,769, Gurugram is at 3,19,563 and Sohna is at 2,09,969.

The district administration also not shied away in mentioning the sex ratio figures and was transparent in the parity among the voters in terms of gender.

At 912 to 1000 males, Gurugram city was the leader in terms of having the best sex ratio among the voters.

There are 1,67,094 men and 1,52,469 women who are eligible to vote. At 872, Sohna region proved to be laggard. As compared to 1,12,160 men there are only 97,809 women voters. In the other two areas, Pataudi has 1,08,765 men and 97894 women voters and Badshahpur has 1,82,435 men and 1,64,334 women voters.

These two regions had sex ratio figure of 901 females to 1,000 males. Combining all the regions the sex ratio has been registered this time has not crossed 900 and was pegged at 899 females to 1,000 males.

In 2011, the sex ratio figures were registered at 853 women to 1,000 males.

"Gurugram district has always voted proactively. In the last general elections, the voting percentage was over 70. We would want this healthy trend to continue. In the coming months we will be providing facilities by enhancing the communication channels so that the eligible voters do not face any hassles," said a senior public official.

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