Football-sized tumour removed from 50-yr-old woman's stomach

Football-sized tumour removed from 50-yr-old womans stomach

New Delhi: Constant pain in her pelvis was restraining 50-year-old Maya (name changed) from doing regular household chores, and she finally had to visit a hospital near her village in Haryana. It later came as a shocker when she was diagnosed with a nine kg, football-like tumour in her ovaries.

'The swelling in her lower abdomen was so large that it would give an impression to a normal person that she is pregnant. This affected her image as well, and she felt embarrassed in public owing to her large waist size. However, pregnancy was easily ruled out as Maya was at post-menopausal stage,' said one of her doctors.

Maya had been complaining of severe pain during admission. Before that, she had limited her diet and had an active regimen of exercising, despite which she was unable to reduce her waist size.

Doctors at a prominent private hospital at Palam Vihar did an ultrasound, followed by an MRI, and the tests revealed a large mass starting from the lower abdomen and reaching up to the diaphragm.

On being told that Maya had a football-sized tumour inside her, the patient's family immediately agreed for a surgery.

'Such large tumours are critical in nature and can become cancerous or life-threatening,' said Dr Amita Shah, consultant, Obstetrics Gynaecology, at Colombia Asia Hospital in Gurugram.

'It could not have come out unless a big incision was made on her abdomen, which would have increased her post-operative recovery and caused her immense pain. So, first a small hole was made in the tumour, and around three litres of fluids was drained out, which reduced the size of the tumour to some extent.

'Then we took out the entire tumour by a relatively smaller incision. The surgery took four hours to complete,' said Dr Shah.

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