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Fleecing man of Rs 1.3L led to arrest of accused

New Delhi: It takes a mere Rs 1,200 to 5,000 to get a degree from state education boards and universities; the accused arrested for running a fake education board racket revealed to West Delhi Police on Monday.
Sources told Millennium Post that the accused meticulously ran the racket, charging only Rs 1,200 for all certificates for Class X and a mere Rs 5,000 for a doctorate.
"Basically, they used to take a few thousands of rupees from their victims, so they easily carried on with their illegal business as the sum was small.But, in the latest case, Arora took over a lakh rupees, which led to the arrest, after the complaint was filed," said a police source.
"In 10 months, the accused had sold over 10000 degrees," the source added.
Police found that the three arrested accused had over 30 bank accounts, with transaction worth crores of rupees
"At the time of bank verification, the accused would move into a particular address for a while, and after the account was opened, they left the house," said the source.
Cops said that accused Pawiter Singh used to regularly change his looks to dodge cops.
"Singh used to remain in touch with people he was working with, whenever he went to another state. If he would not remain is contact for over two hours, all those persons would go underground," said the source.
A senior policeman saod that the accused had started the illegal business in 2013. "A few more accused are absconding, who are involved in running some educational institutes. These people and the accused found that people would often approach them to get degrees. And from here, they began the scam," said the official.
The arrested accused used to talk only via WhatsApp, and all three of them used a single mobile number to conduct transactions. This number was filled with bank messages.
"If cops managed to trace them, they used to leave the traced number at a random place and flee," said the officer.
The three accused had never seen each other and even their family members were unaware of their whereabouts.
At Delhi, where the office of the accused was situated, nobody knew about the accused, as they had no interaction with any of them.
To arrest them, cops had to live for around 20 days in Ludhiana area. "Sometimes, we waited in farms, highways and after the hard work arrest was made," said a police official.
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