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Five-year-old's death: Mother's live-in partner regularly beat him, reveals probe

Five-year-olds death: Mothers live-in partner regularly beat him, reveals probe

New Delhi: The investigation in the case of five- year-old beaten to death by his mother's lover has revealed that the accused regularly used to beat the kid and did not like him.

An investigator claimed that before going to work, the woman used to leave the child with her live-in partner Narendra who often used to beat him. "We questioned few persons who alleged that the child was beaten up by the accused," said the officer.

On January 10, when the five-year-old kid mercilessly beaten up by the accused, he thought that the kid will survive once taken to the hospital.

"During his treatment, the child died and then, with the help of the deceased's mother, accused Narendra cooked up the false story claiming that he was ill after eating sweet and fell inside the bathroom," said investigator.

The child was living with his mother. The deceased's father told police that when he earlier met his son, the kid told him about Narendra who did not like him. "Narendra used to scold and beat the kid," father disclosed to the police.

Police claimed that the deceased's mother helps her live-in partner in concocting false story regarding her son's death which was narrated to kid's father.

"After the incident, she did not tell anyone the truth that her son was beaten to death by her live-in partner instead, the woman concocted the false story. The deceased's mother had been detained and will be arrested soon," an investigator added.

According to police medical report, it has confirmed that the reason behind death was not eating sweet but due to beating.

Further investigation revealed the involvement of Narendra in the case and later, he was arrested.

Police also investigating the role of the deceased's mother in the case. She concocted the false story in the hospital.

Sources claimed that during interrogation accused claimed that he had beaten the kid after he did not reply to his question.

"The accused told us that when the minor came to the house, the accused asked him about the tuition but he did not reply which made Narendra angry and he thrashed him to death," said police officer.

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