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Five killed in separate road mishaps on Holi

NEW DELHI: Five persons were killed in separate road accidents in Delhi on Friday, a day when the city was celebrating Holi was full fervour.
All the five accidents on Friday involved motorcycles, with two of the victims being pedestrians. Last year, two motorists had received serious injuries on Holi and had succumbed two days later, an officer said.
Delhi Police said that two of the accidents seemed to be not related to Holi, while the other three possibly were.
Meanwhile, a total of 12,62 prosecutions were recorded on Friday and a total of Rs 13,95,000 was collected through challans, police said.
Cops added that most of the offenders were two-wheeler drivers, i.e. 9,426. Most such offenders were booked for driving without helmets and riding triples.
"5,456 were challaned for not wearing helmets and 1,209 for triple riding," said a senior police officer.
The number of car drivers booked was 1,666.
The total number of people caught driving drunk on Holi was 678, while 125 people were prosecuted for rash driving. Forty nine people were challaned for red light jumping, while 141 were prosecuted for not having valid driving licence.
For over-speeding, 271 people were challaned, while 665 people were prosecuted for improper parking, cops added.
The traffic police also seized 1,142 offending vehicles.
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