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Fight against fake news to be AAP's mantra in 2019 Lok Sabha polls

NEW DELHI: Creating good content for social media, empowering the state teams and fighting against the fake news of the opposition would be the aim of the social media team of the AAP. "We have a wonderful team of hard-working people at various states and before the election, we want to bring them on the same board to work together. This would help us to produce the best contents," said Ankit Lal, Head of Social Media, AAP.

The AAP social media team would focus on the works done by the Delhi government after coming to power however its main aim will not be just looking at the work but on the contents it would present how it has benefited the people.

"We do not want to just list out the works the government has done. But we want to find out the human stories of the beneficiaries. We will show how the common people of Delhi received the benefits of such work," Ankit Lal told the Millennium Post.

A two-day National Social Media Conference held by AAP concluded on Sunday. More than 200 participants from 21 states and UT's across the nation came to attend the seminars and engage in team-building activities.

Multiple sessions were held on topics ranging from revamping communication strategy, effective use of social media tools and distribution among others.

The participants were also hosted for a dinner by party convenor Arvind Kejriwal and were attended by Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.

While addressing the participants, Ankit Lal, Head of Social Media, AAP said, "National Social Media Conference gives an opportunity to everyone to exchange innovative ideas, share challenges, brainstorm solutions and leave with heightened spirits. In that regard, this has been a highly successful conference. "

He added, "The BJP will talk about mandir-masjid but we will talk about water-electricity-health-education. We will answer their fake news with truth."

Speaking about the menace of fake news, Ankit Lal said, "Those who have nothing to show for their work resort to fake news and thus we have no need for it."

Speaking in context with the recently concluded assembly elections, Aarti Chadha, member of AAP's Social Media team said, "BJP's IT cell or troll army filled the internet with hate, fear, threats and thus they got a befitting reply. We must keep the course of discussion respectful and free. The focus this time will be to combat communal and divisive agendas with clarity and conviction."

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