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Fear prevalent in slum area where minor lived in Ggn

Gururgam: With police apprehending the 12-year-old, the Gurgram police claimed to have cracked the case of the horrific murder of 6-year-old boy. However, fear is prevalent in the slum area where the boy resided. With the vital body parts of the boy missing, many villagers have not ruled out the possibility of this being a case of organ trafficking. They highlight that this incident has now made other children in their area vulnerable.

As per police officials, the minor was murdered by a 12-year-old in a fit of rage after the two got embroiled in the argument. He was killed after the 12-year-old hit him multiple times with the stone and then left him at the spot bleeding. As per officials, he has not admitted of dismembering the body. At the time when police found the body, they saw the eyes and the torso of the boy were missing. The police as of now claim that the boy may have been attacked by the stray dogs and pigs, a claim that many of the locals refuse to digest. Most of the residents claim that this may be the case of organ trafficking.

The police also said that nose, eyes, ears and skin tissue were missing. The cops are investigating the possibility of acid being used to dissolve the missing tissue from the body. There can be some merit in the claims of the inhabitants as the official data reveals that on an average of 15 children go missing from the city every month. In 2018, there was a total of 187 children who were abducted. Out of this, there were 50 boys and 137 girls. 2018 was a continuation of previous years where the growing list of missing children continued to pose major law and order challenge for the Gurugram police.

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