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Family was to leave for hometown in Utter Pradesh next day

New Delhi: Suman with her husband and four children were all ready to attend a family function at their native place. She had brought clothes for the children and they were planning to go to their hometown in Uttar Pradesh the next day but the happiness ended in few minutes when she was stabbed in front of her children in Govindpuri. Recounting the incident, Suman's husband Umesh Dubey told the Millennium Post that they had distributed the invitation cards and everything was booked for the function. ''We were all set to go to our native place for the ''mundan" of my son. Suman was buying clothes for the three children. It was happiness all around but the incident ended all the happiness. My children witnessed the murder of their mother," said the husband.
The husband further added that he was standing with the kids on one side, while my wife was shopping. Suddenly the two men came and one of them stood inappropriately very close to her. He went to them and objected to it. His wife was carrying a purse, a mobile and wearing jewelry. The second man was standing a few steps ahead. "In a few minutes, the other accused also came close to my wife and after my objection they went away saying something," said Dubey.
The family had purchased clothes and was going to their vehicle when they saw the two accused coming with knives. "My wife was stabbed twice and I was also attacked. When I saw the two men carring knives, I kept my children aside that's why they are safe," said the husband.
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