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Fake degree exposed, Dusu president Ankiv Baisoya forced to quit

New Delhi: In a major blow to Delhi University's student politics while saving its image to get tarnished over a fake degree row, Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) has asked Delhi University Student's Union (Dusu) president Ankiv Baisoya, who got mired neck deep into a fake degree row just after he took over as Dusu president in September, to resign from the post. The ABVP has also suspended him from all organisational responsibilities, pending an official inquiry against him.

The saffron affiliated student wing, Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, said in a statement that it has asked Baisoya to step down as Dusu president and also stripped him of all responsibilities in ABVP till Delhi University completes the verification process. However, Delhi University is yet to complete its probe in the matter.

ABVP said that the decision was taken to maintain the 'genuineness' of Dusu. But NSUI said that this was clearly a decision taken under pressure ahead of the High Court hearing on November 20. Moreover, in a statment issued by the All India Congress Commitee (AICC), Joint Secretary and NSUI In-Charge Ruchi Gupta has demanded fresh Dusu elections.

"This is an attempt to save whatever little face the ABVP can. They waited for two months in an attempt to keep the Dusu president's post with the ABVP instead of asking him to step down when the matter came to light. The ABVP also didn't set up any inquiry committee of its own. So, this decision at this belated hour is clearly cynical and cowardly," the NSUI stated.

However, "The moment ABVP had won the Dusu elections by 3:1, the NSUI and other student organisations had started raising questions on the authenticity of Ankiv's previous degree and present admission. This campaign was in continuation since he came to power. The ABVP at that time gave its clear stand that Delhi University has all the rights to verify documents and must do it to stop all the rumours," said ABVP national Media Convenor Monika Chaudhary.

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