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Face the music, if you drink and drive during Holi in Gurugram

Face the music, if you drink and drive during Holi in Gurugram

Gurugram: While the citizens of Gurugram enjoy Holi with great fervour, they will also have to be careful in their savouring. To ensure that there is no law and order problem in the city due to Holi celebrations, the Gurugram Police will be on duty. Among the major tasks of Gurugram police officials main focus will be to ensure that there is no drunken driving in the city.

Besides drunken driving, the Gurugram police will also take stringent measures on offences like drinking in public places, rash driving and other traffic violations like not wearing a helmet or a seat belt while driving. With traffic violations becoming a major cause of deadly accidents in the city, the Gurugram Police will be placing its personnel at prominent public places.

Directives have been sent to various police stations in the city providing them with directives of how to maintain safety for citizens during Holi. "Certain citizens in the city feel that enjoyment in festivals like Holi gives them the licence to take law and order in their hands and they go violating laws. A major complaint that the Gurugram Police normally receives during Holi celebration are incidents of drunken and rash driving. The Police will act strongly against these offenders. To begin with, we will impose a heavy penalty on the offender. If we feel that it does not make a difference we can also impound their vehicles or arrest these people," said a senior police official from Gurugram Police.

"It will not only be drunken and rash drivers that will be penalised but all the traffic violators if found to be jeopardising the safety and security for commuters and pedestrians at road will be penalised accordingly. Besides our local police station numbers, the Gurugram Police can also be contacted through means of social media to report complaints," added the official

While Gurugram Police will be keeping a track on the offenders so that most citizens have a safe and secure holi, certain residents also expressed their angst against the Gurugram Police officials. "The claims of Gurugram Police that will ensure that the violators are punished is just hogwash. Many youngsters in areas like Gurugram- Faridabad road hold car races yet there is no action taken against them," said Rahul Sinha, resident of Silveroaks residential condominium society. "For many of the citizens like us such measures are only seen as harassment by the police officials," added Sinha.

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