Experts suggest essential measures to rid city of dengue, chikungunya

Experts suggest essential measures to rid city of dengue, chikungunya

NEW DELHI: In a bid to make the city free from Dengue and Chikungunya, a team of experts has recommended Delhi government some essential measures. The experts studied the action plans of all the civic agencies to combat these diseases. On the basis of that government is likely to come up with a plan to eradicate Dengue and Chikungunya. The expert team comprising members of Delhi Dialogue and Development Commission have studied various international plans to combat vector-borne diseases.

The study proposed an all-inclusive platform/portal created by IT experts with the exhaustive scope of collecting and disseminating complete information on Dengue. "We propose mandatory registration by every doctor who deals with Dengue to report and provide feedback on the epidemic. Suspected and confirmed cases to be reported diligently with mapping of high and low-intensity areas so that help could be distributed accordingly," said a government official.

"The construction sites are major breeding grounds. As compared to other metros, Building bylaws in Delhi are lax giving leeway to owners and builder to go scot-free resulting in large-scale breeding. The case in point is Mumbai having lesser cases despite hot& humid climate and massive construction going on a year-long with stricter norms put in place at the time of giving them clearance," recommended the report.

Based on research, the study recommended that all civic authorities should insist upon securing a 'No Objection Certificate' by every builder from 'Pollution Control Officer' before completing the certificate is issued.

The experts recommended that the Health Department should make it mandatory for each construction site to appoint a pest control company during construction to keep a check on the breeding of mosquitoes and insects. "The builders should provide private doctors for the health and safety of workers on construction site. The cost is to be borne by the site owners," recommended the study.

According to the study, every tank larger than 1.5 meters needed to have permanently fixed iron stairs to facilitate an examination by mosquito breeding checkers failing which completion certificate is withheld.

"An advisory should be issued to common people emphasising on their responsibility to ensure that the overhead water tanks are kept breeding free by covering them and also facilitating their examination by the checkers. Failing which strict punitive measure is suggested," the report noted.

The study recommended endorsing the use of specially designed NCDC air coolers that should be made popular/cheaper/easily available by mass production by state endorsed bodies. General use of NCDC approved coolers need to be encouraged at homes and workplaces as they are mosquito breeding resistant and are easy to of such a cooling device should be after assuring enough supply and maintain.

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