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Even 36 years after its establishment, Gurugram's Saraswati Kunj society still 'unauthorised colony'

Even 36 years after its establishment, Gurugrams Saraswati Kunj society still unauthorised colony

Gurugram: Situated along the Golf Course Road —one of the most real estate properties in the country— Saraswati Kunj could have been one of the prime areas of the city. Even after 36 years, since the co-operative society was set up, it is still an unlicenced colony.

For estimated 9,000 residents who have purchased plots in the 483 acres co-operative society, life has been just a constant struggle.

It is important to note that the 483 acres Saraswati Kunj society, formed in 1983, has been under a host of litigation cases which have not been resolved till date.

A plan—where a co-operative society was formed by the inclusion of members — who wanted to invest money to buy a plot— was hindered after accepting more applications of buyers than the availability of the plots. Subsequently, it was alleged that a large number of members that despite giving in the money were not able to get the plot as corruption and greed prevailed over the sale of land.

It, ultimately, resulted in the case being heard in the Punjab and Haryana high court for more than twenty years.

In the latest set of controversy, a mediating panel titled Sharma commision had proposed that a large number of the allottees who were given the land after April 1995 should be removed. This again has not gone well with the aggrieved party who have decided to challenge the directive through legal means.

"Sharma Commission Report makes unjust & artificial divisions within Saraswati Kunj members. This will lead to endless litigation resulting in further delays. Is that what Haryana government really wants," said Davinder Mittal, one of the aggrieved


"The only way certain incorrigibly corrupt govt officers keep looting Saraswati Kunj society is by ensuring that the society's management committee is kept bereft of any real powers," said Vinod Ahuja, another aggrived investor.

Recently, it was found that most of the houses were built without the occupation certificate and the building plan.

After the irregularities were found by the public officials, the notices are being sent to the homeowners seeking their reply that why proper procedures were not being followed.

A possibility has also been expressed that if the reply is found non-satisfactory, a stern step of breaking the houses may also be undertaken.

Meanwhile, the residents have claimed that this is just another way by the public agencies to harass the homeowners who have already been facing a host of problems.

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