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Enmity, disputes led to 83 murders in 4 mnths

New Delhi: In the first four months of 2019, as many as 164 murders were reported in different parts of the National Capital.

The investigating agency said that enmity and disputes were the main reasons behind most of these murders. However, the law enforcement agency has arrested 307 persons involved in this regard.

The Delhi Police data accessed by Millennium Post said that around 139 cases were solved till April this year.

"As many as 83 murders were the result of enmity or disputes," data said.

Recently, in one of the cases, a man was beaten to death with stone in Sangam Vihar area. Police claimed that the accused then chopped the body of the deceased and dumped it in a forested area.

Police said that the accused had some personal enmity with the deceased.

The data further revealed that sudden provocation, trivial issues led to 21 murders. In one of the cases happened in the city, a man was killed by his neighbour with an axe in East Delhi. The murder took place after having a heated argument between them over a puppy.

The passion related reasons led to 11 murders in the National Capital.

"As many as in 10 cases, bodies are still unidentified. 11 killings were related to crime," data said adding that around 28 cases had other reasons.

The Delhi Police in their 2018 annual report said that murder is the taking of the life of a person with deliberate intent.

Such a crime may be the result of jealousy, rivalry or passion. The motive may be gain or profit or removal of an obstacle. The impulse may come from a quarrel or a provocation. Mens rea is a decisive factor.

Police further said that during the year, 477 cases of murder were registered as compared to 462 cases in 2017.

Analysis of motives behind murders during the year, reveals that 20.96 per cent of the cases were due to sudden provocation or trivial issues, 37.95 per cent due to enmity or dispute and 10.90 per cent were passion related.

Only 10.90 per cent of the murders were crime related.

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