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Employees in Ggn corporations prepare to work from home

GURUGRAM: The danger of the air you inhaled in Gurugram can be gauged from the fact that at 2.00 pm on Wednesday, when the sun came out, the PM 2.5 was at 400 micrograms per cubic metres.
With air now reaching deadly levels, most corporations are devising measures for employees to work from home.
Most foreign corporations have already moved out of the city for work reacted projects.
As a large number of professionals come to Gurugram from far off places of Delhi and other areas of the NCR, they are susceptible to breathing the poisonous air.
Thousands of Indian and foreign employees work in Gurugram, where headquarters of several of the world's biggest multinational companies are located.
"Generally, these times are mostly slotted for working outside the Delhi–NCR. It is not possible to make people not attend the offices over here. So we keep on mulling on measures so that we are less exposed to such toxic air," said Abhishek, who works in a multinational company in Cyber Green area.
Most of the advertising and IT companies, whose professionals suffer from respiratory ailments, have already been advised to work from home.
Measures are being devised in various corporate meetings on how to enhance productivity with fewer employees working in the office space.
While Gurugram has fared better than other areas of NCR, its air has been hovering at unhealthy levels ever since the culmination of Dusshera.
On Wednesday, besides high concentration of PM2.5, there were also high levels of poisonous matters like nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide.
Medical experts have already claimed that this air is not only harmful for people suffering from respiratory ailments, but can also make healthy people extremely sick.
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