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Eight-year-old girl sexually assaulted by teacher in Ggn

Gurugram: Security of students within the school premises was again exposed after an 8-year-old girl was sexually molested by her male teacher in a government school in Manesar.
The teacher who has been identified Ramchander was reportedly drunk during the incident.
According to police, the event occurred on Wednesday evening after a group of students came to school for tuition classes after the morning classes. During the class, one of the girl students got hurt and the teacher took her to the adjoining room where he tried to molest her on the pretext of providing her with first aid.
The victim sensing what he was trying to do escaped the room and went home where she narrated the incident to her family members.
After the complaint was lodged in Sector-7 Manesar police station, the male educator was soon arrested.
Various allegations came forward that there are many children who were sexually exploited by him.
"We have arrested the culprit after we received a complaint that he molested a student. I want to compliment the young girl who had the courage and senses to realise that something wrong was happening to her and escaping from his clutches," said Narender Yadav Station Head Officer (SHO) of Sector-7 Manesar police station.
Shockingly, the incident occurred at a time when even a week has not passed in the gruesome murder of 7-year –old Pradhyuman Thakur in the washroom of Ryan International school in Bhondsi.
Millennium Post had earlier cited that while strict guidelines are being issued for security in private schools, there is no such mechanism being devised in the government schools.
The warning signs for the government schools in the city were provided in the horrific incident that occurred in adjoining district of Faridabad.
Twelve-year-old Rahul, a Class VII student in the Sikri village of Faridabad was abducted on August 24 from his school. He was then killed and then buried in the playground of the school.
Lack of proper boundary walls, no proper verification of strangers coming in and out of the school and presence of liquor vending units in proximity to the public educational institutions are some of the major challenges.
"I think it is taken for granted that because it is government school, the situation is going to be bad. At a time when there are protests over fixing accountability towards safety of our children, we must also consider the deteriorating situation of public schools. They are the future of our nation and even their lives matter," said Anju Sachdeva, one of the protesting parents demanding strictest action against management of Ryan group of institutions.
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