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E-scooters and bikes to be provided at HUDA city centre

Gurugram: In collaboration with a private company, E-scooters will be provided by the Gurugram metropolitan development authority (GMDA) at HUDA city centre for transportation purposes.

According to officials, this is move directed towards encouraging the citizens to take environmental-friendly vehicles for their transportation needs. The charges fixed for using the vehicle will Rs two per kilometre.

The officials are now trying to get more such electric bikes and scooters and keep it at the bus depots where Gurugraman (The city bus service) operates.

Officials cite that the process of providing bikes on payment basis has been successful in tourist places like Goa where people use take biles on lease for leisurely rides.

"As we all know Gurugram is one of the polluted cities in the world. Under these circumstances we are trying to encourage people to use electric vehicles for transportation needs for short distance travels," said a senior public official.

Taking cognisance of the increased vehicular pollution the Gurugram administration will now invest in electric vehicles. To begin with, an order of twelve vehicles have already been tendered by Gurugram metropolitan development authority (GMDA) officials who will then phase out their vehicles that are mostly operated on Diesel.

Subsequently, all the government officials are also planning to change their diesel vehicles and change it to electric vehicles.

Moreover, there are also charging stations that will be set up by the Gurugram administration.

The proposed sites where the charging stations for the electric vehicles have been designated at Tau Devi Lal stadium and Sector-15.

There are also plans to bring in 100 electric buses that will be used for public transportation purposes.

"Most of the people in the National Capital region including Gurugram opt for the two-wheelers because of high speed and range which is beneficial considering the distances in," said a dealer of electric vehicles.

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