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Duo killed by four friends after tiff in Ggn, two arrested

Gurugram: A minor tiff among six best friends, reportedly caused due to alcohol consumption, in the city led to gruesome killing of two of the best friends.
The incident, which took place on December 20, emerged on Saturday only after the mother of one of the victims, filed a police complaint here on Sunday.
Reports say that two people - Rahul and Ramesh, in their 20s, were bludgeoned to death by their other four friends after a late night party on the night of December 20.
The horror didn't end there. After killing them both, their bodies were hacked into pieces and then burnt with petrol before being buried at an empty land.
The Gurugram police have arrested two people namely Rohith and Vinay into the incident while the other two who have been identified as Gautam and Sanju are presently absconding.
The gory incident came to light after a complaint was filed by Rahul's mother on December 22 of his son not having come to the house for more than two days.
Investigation by the law enforcement officials eventually led to the shocking discovery of half-burnt bodies of two people who were later identified as Rahul and his friend Ramesh.
On the night of December 23, the Gurugram police arrested two people who confessed of their crime.
The sharp instruments used for committing the crime have also been seized.
"The whole incident was reported on December 20 when all the six friends were drinking with each other. In the intoxicated state, suddenly and argument occurred between the groups and the abused were hurled at each other," said Inspector Ravinder Kumar, spokesperson Gurugram police.
"It took an ugly turn after an expletive on one's caste resulted in the victim first being beaten black and blue by sticks and then being hacked to death. In order to make bodies unrecognisable the culprits then tried to mutilate the body and burn them. As they were unsuccessful in doing so fully, they tried to bury it in the vacant plot," the official further added.
The incident has once again brought to light of growing murderous rage among the youngsters in the city.
All six youngsters were not only unemployed but also used to commit petty crimes so that they can accrue money for the drinks and drugs.
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