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'DU trying to stall governing body formation in colleges'

NEW DELHI: Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has charged Delhi University (DU) with attempting to "stall" the formation of governing bodies in 28 colleges funded by it, hurting the interests of teachers and students.
In a letter to DU Vice-Chancellor (V-C) Yogesh Tyagi, Sisodia expressed his "unhappiness" over "under-hand politics" in the matter.
"This dirty politics is going to affect the teachers and students of these colleges," he said.
The Delhi government funds 28 colleges that are affiliated to DU.
Sisodia alleged that DU had been "holding up" the formation of governing bodies by "delaying" the lists of its nominees in the bodies to be sent to the government.
The term of the previous governing bodies ended on October 31, 2016.
The staff of the colleges are suffering due to non- payment of salaries in absence of the governing bodies, he said and added that he was ordering the release of funds for payment of salaries of one month.
The Deputy Chief Minister asked the V-C why the University withdrew its panel of nominees sent to the Delhi government in February this year and emphasised that the government's list of governing bodies would be final.
"We do not accept this withdrawal. The government is making it clear that the list of governing bodies sent on August 25, 2017 (to DU) is the final list and must be approved by the university," he wrote to the V-C. It meets all norms and guidelines of DU, Sisodia added.
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