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Dreaded criminal held after brief encounter

Gurugram: A notorious criminal identified as Jaiprakash was shot around the neck during an encounter with crime branch of Gurugram police near Palam Vihar.

He has been referred to PGI Rohtak after it was found by the doctors of Sector -10 Civil Hospital that he required better treatment. Jaiprakash was wanted for a dozen of extortion and burglary cases that he had committed in the city.

According to the police officials, the police got a tip-off that Jaiprakash along with his accomplice was in the city around the Palam Vihar area. After ascertaining the information that it was Jaiprakash whom the law enforcement officials were searching for, the crime branch formed a special team to nab the criminals.

At around 12 am the police upon seeing Jaipraksh vehicle asked it to stop but it did not and began firing gunshots at the police officials. The police responded by also firing at the gunshots which resulted in Jaiprakash sustaining gun wounds on the neck. Meanwhile, his accomplice was able to escape from the police.

"The arrest of Jaiprakash is a success for us because he was involved in a lot of extortion cases and burglary attempts. He has sustained wounds because of the exchange of gunfire and has been referred to PGI Rohtak for treatment. His accomplice who was with him fled from the incident and will be soon caught," said a senior police official from Gurugram police.

Once dependent on encounter specialists, the Gurugram Police now wants to play safely in using their services in dealing with the deadly gangs operating in Gurugram.

For a long time, the service of the special men trained solely to kill was a strategy adopted for the elimination of dangerous gang leaders of Gurugram. The controversies involved during encounters, judicial intervention and high costs used for the department for encounter specialists has meant the change in strategy for the Gurugram Police. Police sources in the Crime Branch maintain that there has been a reduction in the dangers posed by the deadly gangs of Gurugram since most of their leaders have either been eliminated or arrested.

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