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DPS Noida recalls rustication orders

DPS Noida recalls  rustication orders
The Delhi Public School in Noida sector 132 has rolled back the rustication orders of 37 students out of 45 who were expelled from the school against non-payment of the fees.

The decision came after their parents paid the fees as they were concerned over the future of their children. The aggrieved parents said, "Though we have paid the fee but their fight against the fee hike will continue."

Last week, the school administration struck off names of around 60 students whose parents did not pay the fees for the 2016-17 session.

Following this, hundreds of aggrieved parents protested outside the school demanding roll back in fee hike.

The parents were annoyed with the school's fee hike of almost 14 percent and annual charges levied by it. Similar protests were staged by several parents against other private schools in the city as well. The delayed justice and loss of their child's education forced them to make their fees paid.

"They should not think that if we have paid the fees, our fight against the fee hike is over. We will remain firm and will oppose the arbitrary fee hike by the school. We cannot compromise with our child's future that is the only reason why we have paid the dues. We don't want our children to lag behind," echoed the parents.

Indira Kohli, Principal, Delhi Public School said, "37 out of 45 students who were rusticated earlier have been readmitted to the school. They are now pursuing their classes. The rest might have taken admission somewhere else or will come back to the school soon". Top officer of education department stated that schools are not allowed to cut name of any student on the account of non-payment of fees until the issue of fee hike gets solved.
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