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Doorstep delivery of services cannot be compared with e-commerce: LG

NEW DELHI: Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal has expressed his displeasure over the Delhi government's "over-ambitious" doorstep delivery of services scheme, saying that rather than taking up the consultative route and considering a well intentioned advice, the matter is sought to be resolved through media debates and rhetoric.
A statement released by Raj Niwas said that the LG had not rejected the proposal of the elected government, but had merely advised to reconsider, in view of the potential challenges and had suggested an alternate model.
"A misplaced parallel is being drawn between the current proposal and E-Commerce. There is no technology so far to download pizza and many other e-commerce products, whereas most of the proposed services in the government proposal can be and are already being delivered online," said the statement.
"Delivery of pizza and most e-commerce products can also not be compared with the documents proposed to be delivered through the 'mobile sahayaks', as the latter would involve sensitive personal information. Further, unlike e-commerce, which is a B2C (Business-to-Consumer) transaction, the government has to be more sensitive and responsive to safety and security concerns in the proposed system which would be a G2C (Government-to-Consumer) transaction," it further read.
Meanwhile, the Delhi government issued a clarification against the Raj Niwas statement, saying that the example of pizza delivery, gas cylinders and insurance was given to counter some of the objections raised by the LG.
"If the delivery of pizza doesn't cause any traffic congestion and pollution, how come delivery of services at doorstep will cause traffic congestion and pollution
"In fact, it will cut down the number of visits (25 lakh people visited government offices annually for the 40 services included in the scheme initially), as under the Doorstep Delivery scheme, a few 1,000 agents will deliver the services across Delhi," said the Delhi government in its reply.
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