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Domestic violence: Yuvraj's counsel for in-house trial

GURUGRAM: The counsel for Yuvraj Singh and his family have demanded for the in-camera trial. A case of domestic violence in Gurugram civil court has been filed against famous cricketer Yuvraj Singh along with his younger brother Zorawar Singh and mother Shabnam Singh.
The petition has been filed by model and actor Akansha Sharma, the estranged wife of Zorawar. She had recently gained popularity by being a participant in a reality television show where she had not shied away of speaking about the acrimonious relationship with her husband and his family. The next hearing will be held on December 15.
Recently, the sister-in-law of the cricketer had voiced her marital sufferings in the #metoo campaign that has gained immense popularity in the social media circle even though she was not staying with her husband for more than three years.
According to sources, the reason for her filing the complaint was pressure by Shabnam Singh to return the family jewellery. Taking cognisance of the plea, the case will be heard on October 21. Sources also indicate that the judges will sought the reply from the Singh family on the complaint filed by the petitioner.
Married in 2014, the marriage of Akansha and Zorawar fell apart within four months after which she left Singh's house and began to stay with her family. In March 2015, the two filed for divorce, there are speculations that Zorawar mother was not happy with the lifestyle of Akansha and had voiced her concerns several times. Akansha also did not want to become mother early as per wishes of her mother-in-law. Amid constant coercion, Akansha has alleged that Yuvraj was aware of all the wrong doings but did not interfere in the matter and rather supported his family.

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