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Docs use non surgical method to treat hemifacial spasm

Docs use non surgical method to treat hemifacial spasm

New Delhi: Indian doctors successfully treated the disabling hemifacial spasm of a 40-year-old patient, using non-surgical temperature controlled invasive radiofrequency ablation technology.

The patient, a senior pediatrician, who was suffering from the disorder (facial twitch) for 15 years, and was not able to open his eye due to continuous spasm, is now well in control of his facial muscles.

"The use of non-surgical temperature controlled invasive radiofrequency ablation technology to treat hemifacial spasm is first of its kind procedure in the world," a private hospital said in its statement.

Speaking over his innovative approach, Dr Ajaya Kashyap, Medical Director, at private hospital, New Delhi said, "Hemifacial spasm is actually a nervous system disorder in which the muscles on one side of the face twitch involuntarily, this is usually caused by a blood vessel touching a facial nerve. In this procedure, we used a nerve stimulator to locate the nerve which was causing the disturbance. After carefully isolating it, we used radio frequency to kill it permanently. This is like eliminating the problem causing nerve without surgery. The procedure will lead to long term relief with no significant risks."

"My 15-year-long journey with hemifacial spasm was a tough one. From taking Botox injections, which merely worked as a poor quick fix, as the relief was almost always partial, and the problem returned as the effect faded, to socially secluding myself, I cannot explain in words what I went through," said Dr Satish Mittal ( Name changed).

However, "Despite my condition heavily affecting my professional and social life, I could not bring myself to open brain surgery, suggested by few neurosurgeons. It was my luck that I met Dr Kashyap, who changed everything. His approach to the treatment is so innovative yet straightforward that you immediately know that it's going to work," he added. With a prevalence of 9.8 per 100,000 persons, one in India, the treatment of hemifacial spasm is considered rather difficult as the surgical intervention has been the only solution available till now. "With the successful result, using the innovative procedure thousands of patients from across the country can now get the treatment and can live a normal life once again," he added.

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