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Do not add strangers on social media: Delhi Police

New Delhi: Any cute face on the social media site like Facebook might turn out into a nightmare, the cops in Delhi have warned.
In a view to bring security on social media sites like Facebook, the cops have issued an advisory to not befriend any unknown person on the social media sites. The anonymity might prove harmful and costly in future.
"Adding a stranger into the friend list on social media is by and large similar to letting a stranger inside your house. Hence it should be avoided," said a senior police officer.
In the past, several cases of fraud have come up with the Delhi Police where many people are duped online where they divulge their personal details to unknown friends.
They did not verified their authenticity before adding them into their social accounts. This might lead to personal and financial losses.
Also, at times it has been observed that many unsuspecting girls fall prey to men of dubious character who make fake profile on facebook and other social sites which can prove a costly affair.
Police believe that by letting in an unknown person into your friend list might expose you to dangerous outcomes at times.
Since most of the youngsters nowadays are frequent to the social sites, according to cops, it is necessary to do basic screening before letting anyone to get inside the closed circle of friendship.
Police have also warned against divulging any personal details on these sites.
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