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Diyas make a comeback with strong sales in Ggn

Gurugram: Most of the traders may have expressed their grievances of not having stellar sales this Diwali. However, bucking the trend this time were the sellers of earthenware diyas which after a long time found a great demand among buyers in Gurugram.
For long having been at the receiving end due to the high demand of Chinese made lighting items, the domestically made earthen diyas after a long time made a strong comeback.
With emphasis being paid more aesthetics, most of the buyers spent their amount in buying these items.
Even though the sales of such items were done for conducting religious rituals earlier, this Diwali the purchases were also done in larger number for decoration purposes.
With the city grappling with extreme levels of air pollution, there was also emphasis of it being environment friendly.
Healthy sales have resulted in providing new found impetus to the sellers of such items who some years ago were even thinking of exiting this form of commercial activity.
"This time surprisingly the sales of diyas have been better. I was able to finish all my inventories. Earlier people used to prefer Chinese manufactured lighting items but this time they have preferred out creation over them. Not only have me but even my other counterparts reported good sale numbers," said Rambhu, a seller of earthenware diyas.
There are claims that the main reason for healthy sales of earthenware diyas was because of its ecological benefits, there are many sellers and buyers who claim that it was done to boycott Chinese items.
"At present there is no option to replace the Chinese electrical items and therefore customers buy the series lights (ladiyan) which are Chinese made.
"Initially when the Chinese electrical items came into the market the Indian manufactured electrical items used to give them a competition but over the years the Chinese electrical items have just dominated the market," said Rajiv Jain, a city based trader.
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