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Dispose VIP complaints in speedy manner: Police

Dispose VIP complaints in speedy manner: Police

New Delhi: A meeting to review the status of pending complaints was held between the officers of Delhi Police. Sources said that the discussion was held to ensure the timely disposal of complaints coming from VIP references and other important authorities to city police.

Sources told Millennium Post that the meeting was chaired by Special Commissioner of Police rank officer.

"The discussions were held on pending complaints of VIP references from Public Grievances Commission (PGC), Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Centralized Public Grievance Redress And Monitoring System (CPGRAMS), NHRC, Listening Post of Lieutenant Governor," said sources adding that the pendency of the complaints was till February 5.

Sources further learnt that for the references/complaints pending under NHRC, Special CP stressed that references over three months, six months or over one year should be disposed of on a priority basis.

Meanwhile, the senior officer also found that as many as 331 PGC references were found pending with various districts/units.

Special CP directed other senior officer that pendency over six months or one year should be brought down to zero. Special CP apprised not to keep the references pending without any cogent reason.

Sources further added that till February 5, as many as 284 references from MHA were found pending. "Special CP emphasized that these references require prompt and proper disposal," added sources.

From GNCTD as many as 365 references found pending till February 5.

"The senior officer advised other police officials that utmost attention should be paid to these references and should be finalized within the due period," sources claimed.

As many as 2022 references found pending with various districts CM Public Grievance Monitoring System (PGMS).

"Special CP advised that online reply on PGMS should be uploaded within the stipulated period," sources said adding that in Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) as many as 778 references found pending. Special CP stressed that there should be no pendency over two months.

"He further stressed that concerned officers should not wait for two months rather complete the enquiry before that. The quality of the report should be improved. Special CP stressed to clear the overdue pendency," sources further added.

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