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Despite stringent law, two sexual assaults against minors shame Gurugram

Gurugram: The Haryana government had recently passed a law that those who indulge in rape of 12-year olds or below will be awarded life imprisonment or even death in more heinous cases. For a city that leads in sexual crimes against minors, there was a hope that this initiative by the government will deter such acts. However, living up to its dubious record, there have been two back to back incidents of sexual assault against minors. In a brazen incident, a four-year-old was molested by a 19-year-old DJ in a three star hotel in Sector-15, where she had gone along with her family to attend a ceremony.
The incident occurred on Saturday at a gent's toilet where the 4-year-old had mistakenly entered. In the washroom, the accused identified as Rohit sexually molested her. Shocked by the incident, the victim later intimated about the incident to her parents through signs. Rohit has been addressed after a written complaint was registered by the parents. The incident follows the rape of a 12-year-old girl in the slums of Sector 37. According to the police, the accused, who has been caught, enticed the girl with chocolate, took her to a desolate spot and committed the crime.
According to the national crime record bureau, Gurugram at 115 cases is only second to Faridabad in crimes against minors. In 2016, there were 106 cases of sexual crimes against minors. It is not only sexual assaults but the minors are also vulnerable to abductions and subsequent human trafficking. In 2017, 154 minors were kidnapped from the city out of which 115 were girls.
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