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Despite 2017 Haryana building code, industrial units in Gurugram still pose major risk of fire

Despite 2017 Haryana building code, industrial units in Gurugram still pose major risk of fire

Gurugram: It did not take long for Gurugram residents to get a scare of a major tragedy that can occur in their area after the biggest fire tragedy in Delhi on Sunday. In the afternoon a a major fire engulfed the Manesar Plastic factory located in Sector-8 in which luckily there were no casualties but there were heavy losses that were incurred.

Taking cognisance of newer standards to be implemented for the safety of its citizens the Haryana government enacted the Haryana building code of 2017. A major point focussed on this official document is to provide more open areas so that there is ease of movement whenever any tragedy occurs.

According to official standards if the building is 15 meters in height then the exterior open spaces that should be allowed are 5. For 18, 21 and 24 meters the spaces increase to 6, 7 and 8. To make sure that there is also no problem caused due to congestion, prescribed standards have also been set for the parking and ramp specifications.

Under the new building code for parking an open space of 23 square meters needs to to be left for parking only. To not obstruct the traffic the ratio for the ramp, measurement has been set at 1:4 with a minimum width of 1.0 meter for pedestrians and 3.0 meter for the movement of the vehicles. Most of the industrial units that are located in congested areas of Udyog Vihar, Khandsa Chowk that was created 30 years ago do not meet these criteria and yet are being allowed to function. In order to curtail the cost most of the industrial units that have come up in Manesar, Udyog Vihar-6, Sector-34, and Sohna have also flouted the norms.

According to an official estimate, there are over 600 garment factory units that are functioning in Gurugram most of it are operating illegally working with an unapproved building plan, less functional area, Old wires that are not able to bear the load of power and obsolete machinery.

As per rule most of the industries have to renew their fire safety license after every one year. The fire department officials mention that most of the industries do not renew their license as they have not got the proper documents from the authorities.

The fire department officials further claim that most of these factories do not possess adequate devices in order to deal with a major fire.

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