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Deputy CM Sisodia launches entrepreneurship curriculum

Deputy CM Sisodia launches entrepreneurship curriculum

NEW DELHI: Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia announces that the Delhi government will provide Rs 1,000 annually to Delhi government school students as seed money. Rs 5,000 annually will also be provided to Delhi government college students as part of their entrepreneurship curriculum. The deputy CM also said that the biggest problem in the

country is unemployment and the problem could be resolved by teaching entrepreneurship to students and making them

job creators and not job seekers. At the launch of the new curriculum, entrepreneurs like Flipkart co-founder Binny Bansal and Shri Krishna

pickles founder Krishna gave anecdotes of their lives and how they now provide jobs to thousands of people in the country due to their entrepreneurial ventures.

Deputy CM Sisodia said that "Even if 1% go to become entrepreneurs, India will become a superpower." He also announced that the teacher manual for the entrepreneurship curriculum is being created right now for the curriculum and teachers can come forward and give their feedbacks in the curriculum to make it more inclusive.

While acknowledging the limitations of the governments to provide jobs for all, he anticipated a viable solution in this regard, by promoting entrepreneurship and creating visionary entrepreneurs. "Nation's

economy is not built by

job seekers but by job providers", he asserted. Also, he emphasised that the entrepreneurial

mindset is required for all professionals to be successful in their career. "Success stories of various professionals and public servants testify it",

he said. Deputy CM announced that the Delhi government

will give entrepreneurial seed money worth Rs 1,000 for school children of 11th and 12th standard and Rs 5,000 to college students. The cost of this scheme — neary Rs 40 - 50 crore will be allocated by the Delhi government in the next financial year onwards.

Vijay Kumar Dev, Chief Secretary of Delhi, said that entrepreneurial mindset will enable the students to dream big and pursue actual entrepreneurial initiatives while addressing the event. He said that righteousness is a must for achieving the goal in life for becoming self-reliant. He further said that if, the youth of this country and learns entrepreneurship and becomes job givers rather than job seekers, one day India will become the superpower in the world.

The Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum Framework was developed by State Council of Educational Research and Training. It will be implemented in the government school of Delhi from classes IX to XII and will build awareness and knowledge of various aspects entrepreneurship among the students. The curriculum to inspire students through various entrepreneurial stories, case studies and many mindfulness activities and approaches. It focuses on imparting the personality and character traits of successful entrepreneurs other than the business aspects of entrepreneurship.

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