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Dependent on polluted ground water, Mewat prone to cancer

Dependent on polluted ground water, Mewat prone to cancer

Gururgam: Impure drinking water and the presence of a large number of minerals in the groundwater reserves seems to be a major concern in districts of South Haryana. The worse impact of this is being felt in the Mewat region where it is believed that a large number of cancer cases are being reported due to consumption of contaminated water. It is estimated that less than 50 per cent of the households in the district does not have a piped water supply and are dependent on the groundwater.

Waterborne diseases also affected Mewat as the city reeled under diarrhoea epidemic.

Medical experts highlight over 40 per cent of the diarrhoea cases in the city were due to consumption of contaminated food and water. Worryingly, there was a large number of minors and infants who were affected by the disease. The diseases due to the proper supply of water are now proving to be more deadly with a large number of cancer cases being reported from the city.

The residents of Sakaras that is one of the largest villages in areas of Mewat have been bearing the brunt of cancer for long. According to an estimate, over 15 people are dying every year due to disease. The main reason attributed to the rise in the number of cases is the contaminated underground water on which its residents are dependent for the consumption.

It is estimated the sample of water in Mewat contains a poisonous substance that includes chlorides, nitrites manganese and calcium were way above than even the unhealthy levels. The presence of lead and mercury that are the main causes of forming cancer was also found in large amounts. Mewat provides a grim example of a state where cancer is a major health challenge for the government. In 2017 as per the government records, there were 4,592 deaths due to cancer in the state.

"You can understand the state of affairs in our area from the simple fact that a basic requirement like clean drinking water is also not available in our area. Till date women are forced to carry pots on their head to draw water from the wells," said Ikram, a local resident.

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