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Delivery boys carry out duties even though at risk of contracting nCOV

Delivery boys carry out duties even though at risk of contracting nCOV

GURUGRAM: Gurugram is among the few places where not only essential items but even pizzas are also being delivered at homes during the lockdown. Notwithstanding thousands of delivery boys are at risk of contracting the deadly inflection but are still carrying out their duties.

Not only professional compulsions but also the feelings of being among the ones who are working at the time of crisis and serving people's needs are serving as the driving forces for them.

A mask made of cloth, 200 ml bottle of sanitizer and prayer on his lips are the precaution being taken by 24-year-old Mahesh, who works as a food delivery person.

Belonging from Bathinda, Punjab Mahesh highlights that this is the time for him to make a mark professionally. He says that for two days on an average, he is supplying items to 30 households.

The schedule of Mahesh is expected to become even more hectic as most of the online food delivery agents have now joined hands with the district administration to provide the food to the slum dwellers.

"I know I am at risk but there is no guarantee for life. I have taken a loan to buy a motorcycle. My parents have taken the pain to send me to a big city for better job prospects. Perhaps this is the opportunity for me to grow up the professional ranks. The fact that the customers are looking up to me and treating me with more respect definitely gives you more courage," said Mahesh.

To streamline the supply chain process of essential items like food items, groceries and medicines, the Gurugram Police has allowed more online and offline service delivery agents to operate in the city.

Not only this, the law enforcement officials have also allowed newspaper vendors and delivery boys to operate in the city. Meanwhile, a large number of volunteers are also working as delivery agents for supplying vital items to the rich and poor. Acknowledging the efforts of the people involved in delivering items, the Gurugram administration has assured that no kind of harassment to the delivery agents would be tolerated.

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