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Delhi Police to impart skill devp training to homeless youth

Delhi Police to impart skill devp training to homeless youth
NEW DELHI: The homeless youth in the Capital lead very tough lives, with some left no choice but to go down the path of crime to earn money and endanger their lives.
In a bid to help them avoid a life of crime, Delhi Police will impart skill development training to such youth so that they can learn useful skills to live a dignified life.
According to sources, the city police visited several shelter homes in the Capital, from where they gathered youths living in the home for many years.
The list was then prepared and sent to senior officials to train them under Project Yuva.
Deputy Commissioner of Police and Delhi Police PRO Madhur Verma stated that the main aim is to make the youth stay away from the crime.
"We have been training many youth from the skill development programme, where they are given training to help them to live a good life and stay away from the crime," said Singh.
Under Project Yuva, Delhi Police aims to connect with the youth by upgrading their skill as per their competencies.
In addition to the homeless, training is also being giving training to youth living in slum clusters.
One such initiative was launched in south east Delhi's Badarpur area, where many youths – including girls – were engaged in dance and sports, in order to help them avoid drug abuse and crime.
According to police, they engaged the youth in netball and football.
Many competitive teams were also formed and, as a result, girls were seen giving their best in handball
In addition to skill development training like beautician and stitching courses, the girls were provided with self-defense training.
Cops observed that many youngsters indulged in crime due to unavoidable social circumstances.
However, if they are connected with sports and other skill development activities they can live a good life.
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