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Delhi Police rescues kidnapped boy from Bihar

NEW DELHI: To arrest a rickshaw puller who kidnapped a 4.5-year-old-boy from Punjabi Bagh in west Delhi, the investigators flew to Bihar to arrest the culprit and safely bring the boy back from the clutches of the kidnapper.
The boy was kidnapped from Punjabi Bagh market on August 8 while the boy was with a man Soneshwar Tigga who stayed with the boy's family for almost 1.5 years.
At about 9.30 pm, he informed that some unknown person took away the child from him.
Soon the cops were informed and considering the sensitivity of the matter, cops immediately formed a team to investigate. The cops started from scanning the role of Soneshwar and verified his statements.
"The case was totally blind and there was no clue about the kidnappers. During investigation, Soneshwar was quizzed who informed that he alongwith the minor boy went to Central Market, Punjabi Bagh and he consumed beer. Thereafter, he met a person Sunil who was also drunk and both of them befriended each other and in the meantime some unknown persons took away the minor boy from him," said DCP West Vijay Kumar.
After investigation, cops zeroed in on Sunil in Manesar and considered him the prime suspect unless they scanned for the CCTV cameras in which both Soneshwar and Sunil were cleared as a rickshawpuller was seen taking the kid when the two abondoned it for a while.
The photographs of the rickshaw puller and rickshaw were developed and circulated. During the course of investigation, it came to know that accused rickshaw puller Vinod has taken the boy to Samastipur in Bihar.
Soon, a team of cops went there by air and trailed Vinod who was finally apprehended along with the kidnapped boy from New Delhi Railway Station on August 11.

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