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Delhi Police: Over 52K tenant, servant verifications, 2,200 guesthouse checks — all with e-beat books

Delhi Police: Over 52K tenant, servant verifications, 2,200 guesthouse checks — all with e-beat books

New delhi: Ahead of Republic Day, the Delhi Police's yearly trawl gathering tenant and servant verification data has now revealed that in over 4,000 cases checked last year, landlords or employers showed grave laxity in getting their tenants or domestic workers/servants verified with the police. The data trawl also found that many guest houses and hotels did not maintain proper guest records.

The Delhi Police data (till December 13) accessed by Millennium Post revealed that over 14,000 servants were verified and more than 5,800 forms were filled for verification whereas 341 cases were registered under section 188 (Disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant) of IPC for negligence in servant verification last year.

The data further showed over 38,000 tenants were checked and more than 15,000 tenant verification forms filled and over 3,800 cases were registered under section 188 for non-verification of tenants.

"Some landlords tell us that they forget to verify their tenants or their servants. There were also some who told us that they didn't have time. Proper action was taken against them," an official said. As per the official, "The verification is very important for example if any crime is committed by tenant or servant, then we have their documents which help in the investigation," the official said.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent lockdown had an impact on tenants as several left their rented accommodations and many shifted locations so the volume of verification was also less, another official added.

The data further showed that more than 2,200 guest houses and hotels were checked last year and 177 hotels and guest houses were prosecuted. The data shows that 94 prosecutions were done in the south district whereas 34 in the south-west district.

As per officials, the hotels and guest houses were asked to maintain a proper register of guests who are coming. "We have seen negligence from the side of the hotel, guest house owners, employees as they were not maintaining proper records of guests so we have taken action against them," one of them said.

Interestingly, the Delhi Police claimed that all the verification and prosecutions in these cases were done through the newly introduced e-beat book system. In this, all details related to the demography, important installations, list of active criminals, proclaimed offenders, history sheeters, of all beats are on the smartphones of cops and accessible with one click. It has been given to the beat staff for better policing.

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