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Delhi Police launches crackdown on liquor and drugs traffickers

New Delhi: From the first month of the New Year, drugs and liquors have started to flow into the capital. To curb the crime, Delhi Police has launched a crackdown on liquor and drugs traffickers.
The Delhi Police data of January 2018 reveal that in the first month more than 30 cases of violation of NDPS Act was registered with city police in which over 40 persons were arrested. There was high recovery of Ganja which was more than 150 kilograms whereas around five kilograms of Smack and Heroine was recovered by police. More than 20 kilograms of Poppy Head was recovered by the law enforcement agency.
Recently, Special Cell Of Delhi Police busted an international drug cartel. He disclosed that persons acting as couriers of drugs used to bring heroin in their stomachs by swallowing capsules of heroin. These couriers used to hand over the heroin to these persons of Nigerian Origin staying in Delhi, which was being supplied to drug dealers in Delhi, UP, Punjab and Haryana. Besides this, the gang used to send consignments of heroin to European, African and other countries as disclosed by some Nigerians arrested for the crime. Delhi Police also registered more than 230 cases under Excise Act and arrested more than 240 persons.
According to data, police had recovered more than 32,000 litre of country made liquor. Over 200 bottles of beers were recovered whereas the recovery of Indian Made Foreign Liquior (IMFL) was more than 4,000 litres. Police claimed that use of several vehicles and new drivers for the supply of illegal liquor in different states has been a trend which is being used by different gangs to dodge the city police. The police claimed that in many cases they found that arrested drivers claimed that they had never met or seen the gang leader.
To supply illicit liquor in two dry states of the country, the traffickers are now using modified vehicles, reveal the investigation of Delhi Police after they arrested two men with the truck in which the accused had made a secret chamber for the purpose of hiding the alcohol in South East Delhi in February 2018.
Even after a ban on liquor in Bihar, the traffickers involved in supplying of illegal alcohol target the state. In three separate cases, Delhi Police has arrested three persons from different railway stations in the Capital who were taking the liquor to the dry state. Further interrogation of the accused revealed that they bought liquor bottles for Rs 150 or Rs 200 and wanted to sell it for Rs 400 in Bihar.
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