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Delhi Police feels 'street crime' primary area of concern

Delhi Police feels street crime primary area of concern

New Delhi: Street Crime has been a primary area of concern for residents of Delhi and in its annual press conference, the Delhi Police commissioner Amulya Patnaik said that the Delhi police is also concerned with the street crime like robbery, snatching and has taken drastic measures to check the same.

The data of Delhi Police shows a sharp decline in snatching incidents which is down by 17.7 % . Police said that a total of 6,642 cases of snatching were reported in 2018 as compared to 8,070 cases of snatching in 2017. While in 2016, the number was as high as 9,197 cases.

"We have been able to solve 56.98 % cases with the arrest of 5326 persons," said Satish Golcha, Special CP Crime.

Delhi Police also claimed to have solved 87.43 percent of robbery cases and said that the robbery also declined to 20.15% in comparison to 2017 with the registration of 2,307 cases this year.

Delhi police has also solved all the reported 23 dacoity cases with the arrest of 116 persons this year.

On being asked that there have been reports where junior police officers try to convince the snatching or robbery victims to lodge a case of theft instead of snatching or robbery, the Police Commissioner said that there is a clear message to the lower level not to manipulate the version of the victim and register the FIR as the incident happened.

Addressing the Press Conference, CP Delhi Police said that they have devised intensive picket checking on crime prone areas and have come up with anti-snatching teams.

Police said that cops have been doing analysis and mapping of time-wise and area wise incidents.

However, the street crime is one aspect the Delhi Police seriously needs to work on as it instills fear among the residents when they are a victim of the snatching or robbery.

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